About ICEMEDX Physician Pharmacy Dispensing™

ICEMEDX Physician Pharmacy Dispensing Network provides personalized drug dispensing solutions for Physicians seeking to administer and supply medications to patients at the point of care. We have designed our medical billing and health IT tools specifically to improve patients quality of care and to increase your practice revenues.

How does ICEMEDX Physician Pharmacy Dispensing™ work?

First you complete the enrollment criteria, we then take on the PBM credentialing process for you (we do the work); we configure and integrate your dispensing web-app for you; train you and your staff based on the dispensing laws of your state. Next, you start point-of-care dispensing by electronically checking the patient’s benefits and formulary, dispense and/or administer medication. Lastly, we perform the billing task for you and follow the process until adjudication and payment.

Our Dispensing Solutions

  • General Practice Dispensing
  • Primary Care Dispensing
  • Dermatology Dispensing
  • Orthopedic Dispensing
  • Pain Management Dispensing
  • Urgent Care Dispensing

Email us @ sales@icemedx.com to schedule a live product demo and discuss your healthcare technology needs.

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